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The Mortgage Show Podcast – Millennial Money & Financial Literacy

The Mortgage Show Podcast returns for another informative, interesting and fun look at all things mortgage, property and finance.

This week sees us look at another topic we are especially passionate about which is the whole question of Financial literacy, education and how Millennials look at money in general.

To help us look into these subjects in detail we are lucky to have “writing royalty” – a very gifted, award-winning freelance journalist who writes on personal finance and consumer affairs, as well as being the former “Troubleshooter” at the Times; Laura Whateley (@LWhateley).

Laura has also just written a very excellent book I thoroughly recommend “Money – A Users Guide”.

Together we look at the whole question of Financial Literacy, what do people understand about their finances and whether the Government and the industry as a whole, should be doing more to educate people younger.

We also look at Millennials, how to get on the housing ladder, apps to help you budget, ethical finance, and general tips and tricks to help look after your money.