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Ace man cave design ideas


When a man takes some solitary time, it’s generally assumed that many of us don’t really need anything more than a sofa, a TV, and a blanket over our heads to hide from the world.

But that’s not always the case (though it is occasionally). As we mentioned in our previous Man Caves and She Sheds blog, a man cave can increase the value of a property by an average of 1%. This isn’t an awful lot and if the garage is sacrificed for it, the value of your property could actually drop. That’s why, if you’re building a man cave, it’s important to make it worth it the investment. A safe haven away from responsibility! A chore-less sanctuary for your masculinity! A place where men should be manly and there’s no ‘girl’ talk on subjects like pets, or colours, or being an adult. With that in mind, let’s talk interior design.

Ridiculous, gender stereotypical hyperbole aside, a man cave is an expensive thing to have in your house, so it’s definitely worth the effort to design a cave you can be proud of. In that spirit, we offer you some rad design options for your man-pad (which may be incorporated by women, too, of course – a man cave by any other name, etc.).

The sports den

If you’re into sports – like, really into sports – then there’s a good chance you’ll have various memorabilia you’ve collected over the years. Those who live in the same house might consider the sight of these items an eyesore, unaware of the significance they represent. Football shirts hanging up in the bedroom, replica or real sports trophies, novelty lamps with a sports team’s design, the volumes of sports team sticker collections… outside the sports den, these items are referred to as ‘clutter’. A sports enthusiast knows better, and a sports den offers the opportunity to show just how much potential your supposed ‘clutter’ has. Putting those sports shirts in frames will give them a deserving place hung up on the wall and some shelves specifically for trophies make for an attractive mantlepiece – or even a mini-museum. To really solidify your man cave’s sports persona, you could even add a pool table or table football game in there.

As a sports fan, you will no doubt need somewhere to watch the big [insert sport here] game! The TV you have in your den is entirely based on your budget, but you’ll want to make sure it’s big enough to be seen from anywhere in the room (or at least any of the chairs). You might want to consider using an HD projector, the cost of which varies greatly depending on quality. Also be sure there is enough room in that cave of yours for several people to join you to watch the big game or enough room for you to watch on your own surrounded by the treats and drinks you love – it’s your life!

When it comes to furniture arrangement, think outside the box! You will need seating specific for TV viewing, but how about a separate seating area specifically for conversation? Perhaps with an arched sofa to encourage conversation and even a fireplace (if you can fit it in) to make sports debate more comfortable? Or as somewhere to unwind and relax after the tension of the match. Of course, if you’re going to have a table game too, it might be a good idea to get some cork flooring to keep it comfortable while on your feet.

The video game haven

Being a ‘gamer’ isn’t marketed exclusively at kids anymore, with all the enthusiastic young gamers from the 80s now fully grown (ish) adults with a maintained enthusiasm for interactive entertainment. Luckily, the market has followed suit and now targets adult gamers even more than children, giving them the opportunity to market bigger, more expensive and more stimulating products. After all, no parent is going to spend £2000 on an entertainment system for their kid. But on yourself? That’s another story.

When setting up a man cave to be a place to play video games, it’s a good idea to accommodate being sat in one place for a while in a position that won’t destroy your back. You might have to sacrifice some comfort but you’ll be glad you did when you try to get up and don’t immediately fall over.

Another important feature that often goes overlooked is something to organise your cables. A gamer’s den will inevitably have an untold number of cables that will make a mess and could be dangerous. For long cables that travel through the room, you should consider some floor cable covers which make cables safer and less unsightly. For adapters (which you will surely need) you could consider a cable tidy unit to house those adapters. They’ll unclutter the cables and will fit in nicely with your consoles.

Lastly, remember that, just because it’s a video games room, it doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy! Consider a dark blue and white combination for the walls and rethink your instinct to have a coffee table (every gamer needs a table in front of them) that’s just pure black.

The smoking room

Perhaps you’re looking for something more elegant – something a gentleman might have. In this design, a wooden floor with some soft, warm lighting can make the room cosy and plush. Your chairs should be comfortable with a pattern that complements the old-fashioned theme, such as a red damask design – popular with Victorian-inspired interiors.

If it’s the classy smoking room style you want where your friends get together to guffaw over cigars (not that we encourage such a habit), then you’re going to need several smaller tables for ashtrays, and, presumably, a place to put your brandy. Speaking of which, decanters! A must for a classy establishment.

The problem with smoke is that it can be quite invasive to the rest of the house. As a courtesy to the others in the house, some smoke resistance applied to the doorways would be appreciated. For the room itself, you may need to install some sort of ventilation, or that smoke will linger, ending up in the furniture, your clothes, or, of course, your lungs.


If you’re interested in building a man cave and are looking for finance, then we should be able to help you with that. A light refurbishment loan could be what you’re after, which is sometimes tricky to get without a broker. We’d be glad to talk to you about it, contact us today.


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