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Diversity in the Mortgage Industry – Workplace Survey


Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, Equity – all of these terms reflect an important subject that evokes an often-emotional response.

At Coreco we are passionate about promoting gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity. We believe everyone should have a fair chance and there should be no gender pay gap.

But as a company and an industry as a whole, we can always do better.

For too long many of us have shied away from the issue, finding the conversation too difficult or dismissing it as not relevant. This has to change.

As businesses we are better places when we have diversity of thought. Different viewpoints on how to deal with issues that are bought about by different cultures and different life experiences.

But, in order to move forward we have to understand fully where we are now.  For the first time as an industry, this is your chance to give us your view.

How inclusive is our industry and should more be done to help firms achieve diversity of thought and an inclusive culture? If so, where do we start?

The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries along with Aldermore Bank PLC and Virgin Money are looking at these and other questions. We’d like to understand what it’s like to work in our industry and whether people feel included and able to be themselves at work, so we’ve asked Versiti, independent experts in this area, to explore your experiences.

We want to hear from everyone who works in the intermediary sector. Whether you work on your own or in a small or large firm; you’re new to the industry or a veteran; you’re a broker, an administrator, a manager, or a director – please take part today, share the survey with your colleagues and make sure that your views are heard.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes. Please set aside enough time to complete it – it’s anonymous and not linked to you so it’s not possible to return to it later.

Your responses will only be used for research purposes. All information collected will be managed in the strictest confidence and you will not be identifiable.

A report on the findings of the research will be published at the end of September this year.



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