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Free Mortgage Service at your Place of Work


As you may be aware, education and imparting knowledge is something we are very passionate about at Coreco. As part of our wider mortgage service, we are currently planning our next round of educational presentations at various companies which look to help educate employees about all things mortgage related.

These presentations cover important basics such as how to buy your first home, how much you can afford and interest rates, all the way through to remortgaging, buy to let investment and even development finance depending on the audience.

We usually follow these presentations up with jargon-free advice through one-on-one meetings and group Q&A sessions at your offices, giving all employees, contractors and freelancers the option to come and talk to us about all things property. This completely free mortgage service can be anything from a 5-minute chat to a full mortgage review and application.

We’re all about stripping away the jargon and making mortgages simple and empowering you to make better financial decisions.

We get amazing feedback on the mortgage service we offer and we see this as a genuinely useful service that helps people to buy their home or save money by accessing better interest rates. It also stops you having to spend lots of time out of the office trying to sort out your mortgage on the high street.

Don’t worry about the work involved, we will handle all the organisation and meeting booking for you, all we need is a room and a willing audience.

If you would be interested in us providing this service for your company, then please contact us here or feel free to introduce us to your employee benefits team to have a chat about what we do and how we work.


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