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Meet Bow Terrier – Educating Borrowers On The Importance of Paperwork!



A while ago we embarked on a little plan to see what the biggest hold up was where mortgage applications were concerned.

Why were some applications going through smoothly and quickly whilst others seem to languish in a nether-world gathering dust?

The main reason is down to making sure that all applicants have the right paperwork day 1, which, whilst it sounds simple enough, can be harder than you think.

Trying to find that last P60, actually getting 3 months bank statements without a week missing here and there and trying to download them in a satisfactory manner from the bank in the first place can be problematic.

We then wanted to think of a way we could get this important aspect across to anyone even thinking about taking out a mortgage in a way that was not completely dull and boring. A list is great and the last thing anyone wanted was another corporate video with someone standing reading out a list of requirements.

So the concept of a dog emerged, but not just any dog. A dog who often despairs of how unorganised us humans can be and has the brain, the guile and the determination to get what he wants where his owner so often struggles.

Then we saw Bow, or Mouse to give him his real name, with those big eyes, attitude and a look that says “share me”.

So a story board was created, props acquired and our little buddies human counterpart casted, (comedian and actor Lee Brace).

What seems an age later, several rewrites and a whole host of footage left on the cutting room floor we now bring you the finished article.

The aim is to educate and hopefully get a couple of laughs and lots of shares along the way. Whilst we produced the video, the point is not about saying we are great.

The point is about ensuring that those looking to take out the biggest loan they will probably ever take out get Professional Advice and are at least prepared to enter into the mortgage process, which these days is a little more complicated than just having a passport and a smile.

In other words, it could be us or it could be any number of the fine Mortgage Brokers around the country striving hard to help and advise clients every day of the week.

We hope you enjoy the film, it’s a bit of fun with a serious message, so please tweet, like and share away to your hearts content and above all, trust your professional mortgage broker.

Over to you, Bow – Watch here 

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